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44 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

FOR TODAY Watch the Rev. Deacon Lydia Johnson's personal witness on expect, our theme throughout the last seven days' devotionals. 

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION Think about what the term expect means to you and how it forms your own personal witness. 



This first week focuses on the word expect. It is an Advent word. It is a word that reminds us that God is always at work in the world and in our lives. At times, God is working so deeply in the soil of our life, that we are not yet aware of its bloom. So, we wait. We expect. October 20 Devotional October 19 Devotional October 18 Devotional October 17 Devotional October 16 Devotional October 15 Devotional


UP NEXT Tomorrow, we begin a week of devotionals focused on the word awake.


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