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3 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

FOR TODAY Jesus has been portrayed in many styles, through various media, and by various cultures. Take a little time and study the images on this particular collage of images of the face of Jesus. Which ones resonate with you? Which ones disturb you? Why? Images are important insomuch as they stir our imaginations and help us to connect more deeply to the deeper mystery to which they point. No image can capture the full wonder and mystery of God incarnate in Jesus. Yet, we see them so regularly in our churches and art that we are tempted to take such images for granted or as exact replicas. As you can see in the many images above, each culture has created images of Jesus that reflects its own features and cultural heritage. There is a beauty in recognizing this universal desire to “see Jesus” and the broad diversity of Jesus’ image throughout the ages. We have been challenged in these devotions to see Jesus in our lives and in our neighbors: to see Jesus in those on the margins and to see Jesus in those we often may not see at all. That is the challenge of letting an image become more, letting it become iconic for us. An icon, in a general sense, can be an image that goes on to inspire us beyond what is readily apparent to a more mysterious and holy realm of connection and devotion. Such connection and devotion then inspires us to renew the way we see ourselves, the world, and others.

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION If you were to draw an image of Jesus, rather than focus on just his face, what would he be doing? What does the work or posture or emotion that you imagine say about your own belief about Jesus?


JESUS This is our theme for our last week of devotions: Jesus. Rather than offer technical answers, orthodox dogma or theological doctrine, let's give this week to our sanctified imagination and ponder our own creed about Jesus. Let us trust that doing so is not for the lack of faith or heretical inclination, but that it awakens our desire to more deeply cultivate our response to the question, who do I say Jesus is? Find all previous daily devotionals here


Join us for our 50th Jubilee Celebration events, December 3-5, online. Details can be found here:


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