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Audit Forms and Procedures


Audits are due September 1 for the previous calendar year (eg. 2023 audit due in 2024
Audit Checklist (use in conjunction with your Audit)

Audit Guidelines (guideline/policy document)


Health Insurance and Pension Information​

Medical / Dental   

Pension Information


The Church Pension Group ( is your complete resource for all benefits, insurance & pension needs for both clergy and lay personnel.

Clergy Compensation (active & supply)


  • Clergy Compensation Guidelines (Updated 12/2022)

  • Supply Clergy Rates: The following are the standard rates for supply clergy (unless negotiated otherwise by the parties) and are effective 01/01/2023

    ​✓ $200 for one service + travel  
    ✓ $250 for two services on the same Sunday (at same location) + travel  
    ✓ Travel expense:  the IRS standard mileage rate for the business use of a vehicle. Mileage rates change annually; mileage rate updated usually at year end.

    Questions?  Contact the Diocesan Office at 850-434-7337.    


Employment Resources

Benefits at a Glace


Employment Forms
Background Checks

Diocesan Office Employee Handbook ​


Helpful Publications

Tax Info​ (updated in January each year)

Parochial Reports

The Parochial Report is completed online. Beginning in January 2022, everyone will login into this site with a unique login (usually your email) and password.   if you don't remember your login id, contact the diocesan office. 


Pledge Report

  • 2024 Pledge Report Form  (this form will be mailed to all congregations with additional supporting information in November each year)


Safeguarding Online (updated 3/2022)


    Questions?:  Contact your Church Administrator or the Diocesan Office


Travel and Expense

Check back often for continued updates to the Resource Center.


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