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The Office of Communications serves to equip church leaders with resources, training and guidance on all communications related topics. 

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Below, you'll find helpful recommendations for topics related to communications. 


Following lawful copyright standards is critical to protect the rights of content creators, whether the content is an image, written material, musical pieces, or visual art. Even non-profits such as churches are not exempt from following by the rules. In fact, we should set the standard of adhering to copyright best practices.

Copyright Basics by the United States Copyright Office:


Can I use this image on social media? 

Legally using images

Music Licensing

Christian Copyright Solutions

Christian Copyright Licensing International

Music Licensing Guidelines


Creating engaging graphics and other visual content for bulletins, social media and publications can be simplified by using applications that do most of the work for you. 

  • Canva - free version is available. Non-profits may also apply for a free Pro account. Useful for most design needs, especially brochures, flyers and social media graphics.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - get a discounted subscription through Tech Soup. Adobe products are robust and not for a novice user, however there are numerous tutorials to help you learn. 

    • Indesign - for the advanced designer. Useful for print publications such as bulletins and other hard copy collateral.

    • Illustrator - for the advanced designer. Useful for creating sophisticated graphics.


Newsletters are a useful vehicle for sharing information with your church members. Churches may opt for mailing hard copy newsletters, sending newsletters by email as a pdf attachment or using an email marketing software tool. Some may even use multiple ways to communicate their news. It is important to reach people in a variety of ways.

Suggested email marketing platforms*. Cost is usually dependent upon number of subscribers.

*Websites may offer email marketing as a part of their plan package. 


Websites are important to a church's outward facing identity and a real asset to the ministry of the church. Consider them a virtual front door. Websites are often the first impression for someone who is searching for a new church, and existing members go to their church websites for up-to-date information. Websites do not have to be fancy, but they do need to contain essential and current information and reflect who you are as a community. Websites do not need to be expensive either. The are a range of options to suit nearly any budget. 

Once you've chosen your website building platform, use Google to search for tutorial videos, to help you get started. 

Recommended do it yourself website builders, with no coding experience:

For more advanced website development:

Helpful articles: 

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