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Diocesan Archives Collection

Guidelines for Access and Use of the Archives


Archives of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast are materials of historical significance to the Diocese. The principal collection is in the Duvall Center, the diocesan office in Pensacola, Florida. Most other collections are located in the congregations and agencies of the Diocese. The archives are under the principal care of the Registrar-Historiographer of the Diocese.

Access and use of the diocesan archives are by appointment only:


  • Appointments must be made with the Registrar-Historiographer.

  • Appointments must be within the normal office hours of the Duvall Center and also at the convenience of the Registrar-Historiographer or someone authorized by him.

  • To request an appointment, contact the Registrar-Historiographer, the Rev. Albert Kennington, 251-928-4413 or Calls to the Duvall Center for appointments, 850-434-7337, will be referred to the Registrar-Historiographer. 

  • Some inquiries can and will be researched and answered by the Registrar-Historiographer. Inquiries should be as specific as possible. Numerous inquires are thus satisfactorily completed each year. 

  • No materials in the Duvall Center archive collection may be removed from the Duvall Center. During your appointment, you will be attended by the Registrar-Historiographer or someone authorized by him, and you will be given a suitable space for your research. 

  • Photocopies must be made in the Duvall Center by members of the staff. If you are not a supporting member of the Diocese, you may be charged a reasonable fee to offset the cost. 

  • For copies of photographs, special arrangements must be made with the Registrar-Historiographer. 

  • All copyright laws must be obeyed.

  • While using the archives,

    • hands must be clean, no food or drink must be in the archives room or in the room where you work, 

    • no marks can be made on materials,

    • you must work in the area assigned,

    • you must return all materials to your host archivist.

  • These rules and guidelines are to protect the valuable material in the archives so that they will be available for generations beyond ourselves. Given this, it is hoped that you enjoy your work and that you leave everything so that others may benefit.

  • If you have materials to contribute, please discuss this with your host archivist. Best wishes for your search.

Who to Contact: 


The Rev. Albert Kennington


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