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Affirmative Aging
Prison Ministry
World Mission
Affirmative Aging

Chair: The Rev. Sara Phillips -

Mission Statement

The mission of the Commission on Affirmative Aging is to facilitate the enrichment of lives by the grace of God in Christ Jesus serving as a resource for training, education, consultation, and for enacting programs relating to issues of positive aging throughout the life cycle.  The Commission’s goal is to support and facilitate persons as they strive to live meaningful and significant lives.  The Commission seeks to enhance the quality of life for the whole person, physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. 



Chair: Van Fuller, St. Simon's on the Sound, Ft. Walton Beach -

Cursillo is a three-day weekend that introduces people to simple methods for nurturing and growing their relationships with Christ. It provides an experience of living in a Christian community centered in worship, prayer, study of scripture, and interaction with other Christians. Its mission is to build up our parish churches by encouraging and empowering its members to prepare for doing the work of the church-the spreading of the Gospel. Visit Coastal Pilgrims for up-to-date information.


Global Mission Engagement - click here to visit webpage

Chair: Geary Gaston, St. Paul's, Mobile -


Since 2006 the Commission on World Mission has sponsored both a medical and construction mission team to our Companion Diocese of the Dominican Republic.  The medical team staffs and supplies clinics to bring medical care and medicines to those who would not otherwise have them.  The construction team builds pews and other church furniture for Episcopal churches in the Dominican Republic so that our brothers and sisters in Christ who are economically deprived will have a more comfortable and inviting place to worship our Lord.

To learn more about this exciting ministry or to learn how you can become a member of one of these mission teams contact the Commission Chair at

Integrity of Creation - click here to visit webpage

Chair: TBA

The Commission on the Integrity of Creation (CIC) recognizes that humans, being an embodiment of the divine image, are interconnected with all of creation. Our mission is to help churches in the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast celebrate and heal all of creation in ways that fit their own congregation. As environmental crises accelerate and threaten all life along the Gulf Coast, especially those on the margins who bear the brunt of rising seas, extreme heat, more severe storms, and biodiversity loss, this mission could not be more urgent.

Prison Ministry - click here to visit webpage

Chair: The Rev. Deacon John Kendall, St. Mary's, Milton -


The Commission on Prison Ministry is charged with the responsibility of communicating the needs, issues, and concerns of those in prison to the congregations of our Diocese. The Commission serves as a network and resource for equipping our congregations for ministry in prisons.
The goal of the commission is: To help our congregations learn about the needs of victims and offenders and their families, the causes and conditions of incarceration in our States, and the problems facing prisoners reentering society, in order to make a positive difference.

It is our vision to be guided, governed, encouraged, and inspired by the words of Jesus in Matthew 25: “ …when I was in prison, you came and visited me….in as much as you do it to one of the least of these, you did it unto me.” We will also be governed by our Baptismal vows, which we have taken as members of the Episcopal Church.


2022-2023 Prison Ministry Cycle of Prayer: download PDF

For clergy needing to visit someone in prison

Visits to prison require advance planning and knowledge of the administrative rules.  We suggest you consult with these Commission members for help in navigating this process. For visits in Alabama, please contact the Rev. Bob Graves.  In Florida, contact the Rev. Deacon Ed Richards.

            Bob Graves:  (850) 432-5924

            Ed Richards:  (850) 276-0460

Racial Justice & Reconciliation - click here to visit webpage

Co-chairs: Joe McDaniel, Christ Church Parish, Pensacola, Fl,; AND Valerie Mitchell, All Saints, Mobile,

Mission Statement

As members of the Jesus Movement, our mission is to dismantle individual and institutional racism by sharing resources and creating opportunities that inspire and empower faith communities and the larger community, resulting in reconciliation and restoration of all God’s People.

Racial Justice & Reconciliation
Integrity of Creation
Discipleship. Development. Discernment.
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