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2 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

FOR TODAY Watch this video clip from an interview with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry:

Presiding Bishop Curry has spoken to millions and even preached to royalty. For all the wonderful ideas he has taught and the inspiring stories he has told, there is something uniquely intimate and honest in this video when he pauses after he is asked a very simple question: what does Jesus mean to you?

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION Again, what does Jesus mean to you? Has this week led you to any new ideas or discoveries? Who do you desire to be for God? What will need to be cultivated in you in order for that desire to become real?


JESUS This is our theme for our last week of devotions: Jesus. Rather than offer technical answers, orthodox dogma or theological doctrine, let's give this week to our sanctified imagination and ponder our own creed about Jesus. Let us trust that doing so is not for the lack of faith or heretical inclination, but that it awakens our desire to more deeply cultivate our response to the question, who do I say Jesus is? Find all previous daily devotionals here


Join us for our 50th Jubilee Celebration events, December 3-5, online. Details can be found here:


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