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38 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

FOR TODAY Watch the following video about blind artist, Sangy Mann.

Blindness awakened Sangy Mann to an extraordinary new reality as he discovered: “There is painting after blindness.” Waking up can be more than just opening one’s eyes. It can be overcoming an obstacle, enduring a life challenge with resilience and grace, or choosing to overcome perceived limitations by turning to the beauty and flow of life. Waking up may even come in the form of receiving help offered by others.

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION As was mentioned by Sangy Mann, how might we need to “adjust our coordinates” to be more aware of God as a subject (presence) in all of our experiences? How might this awakening to God’s presence change the coordinates of your life and possibly that of others around you?



This second week focuses on the word awake. As Christians, we often find ourselves called into cycles of newness and resurrection. The good news is that we are never alone in the process. With God at our side we can trust that every time we are called to wake up to new ways of seeing or being, we are learning more about ourselves and our purpose. Trusting in the process allows us to grow even closer to God. Find all previous daily devotionals here


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