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23 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

FOR TODAY Watch this video called "The Light Behind the Scenes." Listen to the artist's witness on restoration.

Luke Bradford’s artistry with sculpture takes very ordinary things, “rubbish” as he calls it, and transforms it into something extraordinary. However, the real message is only evident when a light shines through it. His work is guided by what the light reveals on the wall beyond the objects before him. Luke is guided by a life of prayer now and those prayers bring healing, inspiration and beauty to others.  Our call to the work of restoration is about our ordinary life being a part of the sculpture that God is creating through us and with us. It involves our struggles and vices as well as our triumphs and virtues. A light is always shining through us to reveal something more that is God’s dream for creation. Giving our life to that ‘more’ is our hope for revival and transformation in our own soul. The work of restoration always involves a vision of more than what is before us today. As we draw closer to our revival, we ask you to begin to pray daily for the revival and that it would be not just a moment, but rather an entire movement of restoration: a restoration of belonging, connecting, and healing of our fractured relationships and nation.

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION In your sanctified imagination, what is the “more” that God wants to manifest through your life? As we said earlier this week, our mission is to restore unity in our world through justice, peace, and love. We have seen that this mission involves prayer, healing, restoration and transformation. Are you willing to join in this movement to find more in your own sense of needs, purpose and desires? How so?


RESTORE This fourth week focuses on the word restore. No one expected 2020. Our country has been driven apart by a virus, ravaged by storms and fires, divided by protests and riots, and ripped asunder by the demands of an election. All of this has affected us.  Our hearts are heavy, our minds are confused, our souls are weary, and our society has been fractured. WIFI connections have disconnected us and left us in isolated pods. And yet, amid the chaos sounds our mission "to restore all people to unity with God and each other.” Our catechism goes on to ask two more questions about the mission of restoration. Find all previous daily devotionals here


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