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16 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

Please watch this video witness from Ms. Judy Mott.

Judy shares some of her experiences of being homeless in Pensacola, Florida. She underscores that good things can come to us in the smallest of kind actions: “Just a conversation, a cup of coffee, a bottle of water for someone thirsty….” Judy also underscores what we experienced earlier in this week regarding the use of the word "just" in a dismissive way. The people we see on the streets are not “just homeless people." They are beloved sons and daughters of God who have hit hard times, who may struggle with mental illness, but they are striving to belong, thrive and be loved just as we are. The light in Judy’s eyes and the love in her words beckon us to see God’s people in the same way.

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION As you have moved through this week, what key essentials have you discovered that might be necessary to a true revival in your community or in our diocese? When and how might you share “just a conversation, cup of coffee or water” with someone who is longing for connection and belonging right now in this season?



Focusing on the word "just" may strike many as an odd theme in our journey to revival; but, this week and subsequent ones will move us more directly towards the theme of our revival: Just Mercy, Just Jesus. We have heard the prophets of old and of our current time speak of a longing for a "just" society. In that sense, we long for what is right and good and lawful. At other times, we use the word "just" to reduce something to the basics, to what is essential, or to be dismissive. As we move through this week, a key aspect of being prepared and moved by a revival is getting in touch of the essentials in our relationship with God and with others. Find all previous daily devotionals here


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