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The People of Ukraine Thank You

Update - April 6, 2022




In the past three weeks, $31,500 in contributions have been received!

The people of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast have been exceedingly generous in their response to the plea to contribute funds for medicines and medical supplies to Blessings International for their Ukraine Medical Emergency fund. Blessings International In the past three weeks $31,500 has been received from people throughout the diocese. Your generous response to this tragic war has been amazing. Thank you.

Barry Ewy, executive director of Blessings, also sends a big “thank you.” In a call on March 30, he indicated that all funds that are contributed to the Blessings Ukraine Medical Emergency fund will be distributed to mission teams on the ground in Ukraine and Poland and mission teams that are preparing to leave for those countries. Funds will go only to those who will be offering direct medical care to refugees who have sustained war-related injuries; who have fled without medications essential for the treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension; and to medical/surgical teams operating in hospitals in Ukraine. Income tax receipts will be forwarded to those whose information can be found on their checks at the appropriate time.

As a deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, I am so proud and so heartened by your outreach, caring, and love of neighbor. We are blessed to have you among us.

Peace, Clelia


March 15, 2022

Ukraine in Crisis

The war in Ukraine is causing the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II. As of mid-March, over 2.5 million people have fled the country and another nearly 20 million are thought to be displaced within the country. Aid agencies are struggling to access cities such as Mariupol and Kharkiv, where ongoing fighting and landmines have prevented civilians from leaving. Food, water, and medicines are desperately needed in these and many other areas of Ukraine where countless men, women, and children have sustained war-related injuries.

On Thursday, March 10, several members of the Diocesan Commission on World Mission Engagement participated in a Zoom conference call along with over 70 other faith organizations and service providers, all of whom are focused on delivering aid to the Ukrainian people. The call was facilitated by Blessings International. All 70 organizations agreed that at this time, medicines and surgical supplies were the most needed area of assistance.

Blessings International's Ukraine Assistance fund has been established specifically to send medications and medical supplies directly to two Blessing teams in Ukraine. They are in a position to receive and deploy these medications quickly to areas in most need.

The people of Ukraine need our help in accessing medical care for war-inflicted injuries. Please consider donating to the Blessings International Ukraine Disaster Fund.

Checks should be made out to Blessings International [with Ukraine Medications on the memo line]. They should be mailed to The Rev. Clelia Pinza-Garrity, St. Simon's Church, 28 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW, Ft. Walton Beach 32548.

All checks will be bundled on a weekly basis and sent via post to the Blessings International executive director, Barry Ewy.

In advance, and on behalf of the Commission on World Mission Engagement,

Thank you.


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