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"Seasons of Creation" E-cookbook

In honor of the 2020 Season of Creation, members of the Redeemer Environmental Stewardship Team collected plant-based recipes from church members throughout the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast to create the lovely e-cookbook “Seasons of Creation.” This cookbook was developed because the planetary impacts of our dietary choices are significant and far-reaching for all of creation.

The acclaimed book "Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming," edited by Paul Hawken, lists the 100 most effective things that can be done to mitigate climate change. Ranked at #4 on that list, behind refrigeration, wind turbines and reducing food waste, is eating a plant-rich diet. Household recycling, for example, is ranked at only #55.

The planetary impact of a plant-based diet doesn’t end with reducing greenhouse gases. Limiting meat and dairy consumption will also lead to more efficient land and water use, reduced fertilizer, animal waste and sewer runoff into our waterways, reduced ocean acidification, and a slowdown in the mass extinction of wildlife. Consuming animal protein also has a cost to human health and contributes to the massive suffering of non-human creatures of God.

Eating a more plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways that individuals can live more lightly on the Earth while serving as stewards of all created things. As you peruse the beautiful book offered here, we hope that you will find the inspiration to celebrate the Season of Creation with the food on your plate. Thank you to all who contributed recipes and to Susan Case of Episcopal Church of the Redeemer who designed and assembled the cookbook.

Season of Creation Cookbook-090820 - sm
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