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Missions of Outreach and Justice Prayer Cycle, 2022

From the Catechism of the Book of Common Prayer (p. 855)

Q. What is the mission of the Church?

A. The mission of the Church is to restore all people to

unity with God and each other in Christ.

Q. How does the Church pursue its mission?

A. The Church pursues its mission as it prays and

worships, proclaims the Gospel, and promotes justice,

peace, and love.

Q. Through whom does the Church carry out its mission?

A. The church carries out its mission through the ministry

of all its members.

In the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, we seek to carry out the mission of the church by reaching out to one another, our communities, those in need, and even the stranger. We care for each other, and with God’s help, seek to heal and restore one another by bringing love to a broken world.

This prayer cycle is intended to make it easier for us to lift up those doing the work of restoration and healing through ministries and partnerships that promote outreach, mercy and justice. In these prayers, we seek to support those ministering and those receiving care. We share the good news about what so many are doing in our diocese to show God’s love in the world. We hope that it will inspire us to become involved in works of outreach, mercy and justice and to imagine new ways to be the church in the world.

This list was assembled from information submitted by parishes, and research by The Rev. Lydia Knizley Johnson, Missioner for Development and Evangelism. If you would like to add or amend information about your parish’s outreach and advocacy activities, please contact Lydia at Changes will be made in the online version of this list, and in the version included in the Coastline. Petitions are offered in coordination with the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer for our churches, commissions and agencies.

You may choose to pray for all on Sunday or to use them separately at Sunday and weekday services. You may also choose to use a slightly abbreviated form of the petitions in the Prayers of the People and to print the fuller version in the service leaflet.

NOTE: Some of these ministries might be altered or suspended temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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