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Graduates of the Class of 2020

We offer this video of high school, college and School for Ministry graduates of the class of 2020 as a litany to these and all students who are stepping into the next phase of their life. Help us support them by praying for them and with them.

A Prayer for Graduates

God of journeys, endings, and new beginnings, through the highs and lows, the twists and turns  this class has faced along the way, we have faith that your love has guided them from the moment they began up to graduation day.  We give you thanks and praise for the goodness that shines in the relationships formed, knowledge learned, and memories made through this school. Bless the body, mind, and soul of every graduate,  that they may celebrate your glory in themselves and all creation, and use their education to build your kingdom of peace.


The Rev. Timothy J.S. Seamans, Associate Chaplain, The Episcopal School of Los Angeles


Prayer Requests From the Graduates of the Class of 2020 and Their Families

I pray that God will guide me and protect me as I start the next phase of my life in college.

I pray that all of those who are or have been affected by the corona virus are able to make it through this difficult time.

I will start working as a RN soon and would love prayer for healing hands and the safety of my patients and myself.

We pray that the world set to rights and that she and all our seniors can move on with their lives, whatever the next step may be.

Please pray for my family and I as I begin college this coming fall. Dear Lord please grant me wisdom, knowledge & understanding as I go through this journey.

I would love to ask for a special prayer of protection over all my classmates and I as we enter the frontlines of this pandemic! I am so proud of my class, and I can’t wait to watch them be world changers.

Please pray for me and all of the other kids in this weird time. Pray that we listen to God when He tells us the way to go, and that we let go of the fear of what could happen, so that we can have the best life possible and be at peace.

Please just send some good vibes my way.

We pray for James and his friends — who lived, studied, and grew together as brothers throughout high school in this all-boys boarding school. They were forced to separate over spring break, not knowing they may never be together again. We pray for their peace and their futures as they move on to colleges around the world. We pray for James’ continued health, success, and happiness as he embarks on this new chapter of life, at Texas A&M University. Go Aggies, and Go James!

That God will lead me to the graduate program I am supposed to be at. I will be successful and gain many new relationships in graduate school.

Prayers for God to lead, guide & direct me in the path that He has chosen for me, to give me a hope and a future. Thanksgiving & prayers for an opening Fall semester at Rhodes College.

As his mother, I pray for Mac’s foundation faith. I pray each and every day he turns and spends time with God. I pray he believes/knows God is always there for him, and continues building a relationship with Him. I pray Mac finds his strength and courage in the Lord, and that strives to be a good and faithful servant by spreading God’s word and love through his words and actions. I pray for Mac’s peace and joy, as well as, his character (the wisdom to know what to say and do and what NOT to say and do in any and all situations).

My prayer for the class of 2020 comes from Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Please pray for the health of my family and especially my grandparents during this time, and please pray for me and my classmates as we begin our first year of college in the fall.

He prays he will be able to continue safely on his journey to adulthood, for protection as he enters this new chapter of his life and also for academic and personal success.

My prayer request is that I may find clarity in God’s purpose for my life. I pray that God will give me discernment in how to move forward with my Psychology and Communication degrees. May I grow personally and professionally as I decide the next steps and I begin to choose a graduate school. Prayers that I hear and listen to God’s guidance along the way and keep him as the center of my life always.

For college football season to happen this fall.

I request for prayers of safe travels and for all the seniors graduating, starting a new chapter in life.

I pray that God will guide me through introduction to the college world and give me wisdom to make the right choices. I pray that God will give us the skills and technology to develop a vaccination, cure, or treatment for the coronavirus, and unite us in defeating its spread.

To move forward with plans to attend American University in Washington, D.C. in the fall.

My prayer request is simply for the safety of everyone working and those fighting the Coronavirus.

Although I have graduated nursing school, please pray for me as I continue to study for my NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) exam - the state board nursing exam that allows you to practice nursing in the state of Florida.

That my Hoppy and Gamunder stay healthy.

That he will seek God's Will, and know God's Peace, as he continues to grow into the amazing man that God created him to become!

We pray that JAC will continue to grow in his relationship with Jesus and use his talents to serve out Lord in his pursuit to be a Doctor of Anesthesiology.

Please say a prayer for him to stay safe and healthy during these terrifying times.

As I embark on my college career at University of Alabama, please pray that I continue to find joy in my life through education, dance, and serving others. Thank you for your prayers!

Pray for the people who are currently unemployed due to coronavirus.

Pray that I keep succeeding and doing great things especially when I get to college.

Pray for protection for me and my family throughout this pandemic.

Pray for the children whose parents have been infected with the coronavirus.

I pray for God to give me the knowledge and the strength to succeed in my future plans.

Pray for my dad.

Please pray for my mother. She has been a solid rock for me.

Please pray that God will remove all fear from my heart as I make the next transition in my life.

Pray for the world.

Please pray for the world.

Continue to pray for me and my family.

I pray for my continued success at Alabama A &M University.

I pray for a successful transition from high school to college.

Pray for me and my family as I go off to college in the fall.

I pray that God will lead me in every endeavor on my path of life and to protect the world and let everyone know that God is still in control despite times of confusion and uncertainty.

Pray that college goes as smoothly as possible and I pray for strong networks, friendships, and excellent grades.

Please pray for my success throughout and after college. When times get tough, I ask that your prayers still are with me.

I pray that God watches over me and all of my Kappa League brothers as we tackle this next journey in our lives. I ask that God guides us to follow his path and not only work to be successful in our eyes but to be successful in his eyes.

I ask your prayers for healing in the world.

Pray that God leads men and guide me through college and life, so that I may stay in His will.

Please pray for me, all high school seniors, and their families, in these times.

Pray that my future plans are successful and there are more opportunities waiting for me. Please pray that all the Mobile Kappa Leaguers dreams and plans come true.

Please pray that God touch us all and heal those who have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Please pray for my guidance and protection over my life and years in college.

I please pray for me and and all seniors across the country.

Please pray for my transition from high school to the University of South Alabama.

Please pray for my family.

I ask prayers for my transition from high school to college.

I am asking prayers for my family and me.

Pray that I continue to be the best person I can be to others.

I ask that any time for prayers for me be directed toward those who are working in the medical field both directly and indirectly with COVID-19 patients.

Please pray for me my next steps in life.

Pray for that I continue to be successful.

Please pray for my family and the world.

Prayer request for when I leave to go to the Navy Reserve and then attend Jackson State University. Please pray that God will guide my footsteps.

Please pray for my next adventure as I enter veterinary school in the fall.

For guidance toward the right path for her that she may be content in her chosen vocation and find happiness in her life.

Prayers for a disciplined and patient attitude as I pursue my Masters in Early childhood Education.

Please guide me to walk in your light, to serve others, and help me to accept your leadership and wisdom in every area of my life.

Please pray for a smooth transition to college and academic success.

For God to guide me through the next phase of my life in college.

Her prayer request is that she finds her place in college at Auburn.

Successful transition to college and adulthood (healthy mind and spirit).

Guide me in this next chapter of my life and protect me in mind, body and spirit.

Pray for the transition into the next phase and discernment on the call for my life.

A prayer request would be for my Freshman year of college to actually happen and for schools to open back up shortly and that my grandfather (Walt Hayes) stays healthy.

Prayers for all the Graduating Seniors. May we move to the next chapter in our lives with as much faith as we left this one. I know we are ready for things to get back to normal. We missed precious senior year moments but God has a plan bigger than us. May we glorify Him in the midst of this heartache & receive His peace & love.

As Claire enters a new chapter in her awesome life, please walk beside her and protect her from harm, guide her to use her wisdom to discern good from evil, let her open her ears to Your messages, let her see the doors You open for her or close for her, let her feel Your love in good times and in trying times, present her with new friends that choose Godly actions, and guide her to a new spiritual home in her new college town.

Thanksgiving for our wonderful Mobile community and Prayers for God’s protection and blessings in college.

Prayers for an easy transition to college.

Life to return to normal and school convenes in the fall.

Please pray that I will faithfully use the talents God has given me to help others and myself grow closer to Christ.

We ask for prayers as Brock starts his professional career with the U. S. Army.

We ask that you surround Lane with your grace and be with her through this journey. Keep your hand of protection on her and guide her in all her endeavors. May she be ever ready to seek wise counsel from you and the wise people you put in her path.

We pray for guidance and protection as she navigates through this journey of life. Give her strength, courage, grace, and discernment. Let her know that she is never alone. She is God's child and she is always loved.

Dear Heavenly Father, we give you thanks and glory for our beautiful daughter, Olivia Grace Martin, we are thankful for her academic and athletic achievements in high school, but more importantly, knowing that you are always there as she walks into the future as a solid and faithful Christian. As Olivia enters this next chapter of life, attending University of Mississippi, one thing remains constant is her faith and belief in you. As stated in Phillippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” We pray for her to continue to have a warm heart, big smile, be a friend to all, stay focused and work hard; we are blessed and will miss her dearly as she attends college with her sister, Gabriella, who is a sophomore at Ole Miss and we miss her dearly as well. Keep your hand of protection and wisdom over her, with her entire family always ready to support and assist her, thank you dear Lord for the many blessings…Amen.

Prayers for me entering the work force during these times of uncertainty and prayers for people to have a deeper appreciation of God’s gift of the Earth that we all share.

Please pray for the health and safety of all college freshmen that they would be able to have college experience on campus.

Please keep me in your heart throughout this time of transition, and pray that I may find comfort and success in my furthered education.

Please pray for Aidan and his family, that things may return to normal soon so they may begin college normally, and that they are able to find themselves and their purpose while in college.

Please pray that I will find the desire to continue working hard in my studies and pray for a return to normal life and a good Florida beachy summer!

Pray for happy times ahead!

I would like to pray for all the essential workers and their families.

I pray that through Christ, he can do all the things that he sets out to accomplish in life.

My prayers at this time are for all the people suffering illness, loss of loved ones, the loss of having those loved ones pass alone or in the hands of strangers, the loss of friends and companionship, the loss of self in fear of disease, the loss of community in which we live and move and gather to pray; for these people and things i pray for relief and comfort for the afflicted, and that God through the power and movement of the Holy Spirit be with us and knit us together in God's love so tightly that we are constantly aware of His sustaining grace.

Give us strength to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you as we respond to the call to heal a hurting world.

That you you will lead us day by day in ways of love and tenderness one to another. We pray, Lord Jesus.

My prayer request is that everyone remembers the commandment to love one another and not argue who is right or wrong but work together to lessen the suffering of this pandemic.

Healing for those suffering with illness.

To always find wonder, grace and joy in the journey together.

Pray for all people to have a deeper awareness of God's Presence.


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