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45 Days Until - Countdown to Jubilee

FOR TODAY Reflecting on the beautiful image, Jump for Joy¹, we get a clear demonstration of the connection between expectation and joy. Whether or not one has ever been a parent, when we engage in a posture of expectation there can be an undeniable joy attached to it. Expectation plants seeds of hope. In fact, one might say the opposite of expectation is dread and both can be a vulnerable emotional experience.

FOR FURTHER REFLECTION Even though we have expected and looked forward to many things in 2020 that have not happened or have changed, what are we willing to expect in these next 50 days that will spark joy and plant seeds of hope in our hearts?


EXPECT This first week focuses on the word expect. It is an Advent word. It is a word that reminds us that God is always at work in the world and in our lives. At times, God is working so deeply in the soil of our life, that we are not yet aware of its bloom. So, we wait. We expect. October 19 Devotional October 18 Devotional October 17 Devotional October 16 Devotional October 15 Devotional


¹Image of Jump for Joy courtesy of artist Corby Eisbacher. Find him on Etsy. Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf


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