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October 13 proclaimed Murray House Sunday

Bishop Russell Kendrick has proclaimed Sunday, October 13, to be Murray House Sunday across the diocese. Murray House is an agency of the diocese and has been for the past 25 years. As an assisted living facility, Murray House seeks to serves many of the most vulnerable of society with dignity and respect.

Murray House’s traces its history back to 1829 as the Benevolent Home for Aged Women with the idea of providing comfortable living quarters for dependently elderly woman. This was a ministry of Government Street Presbyterian Church and later it became known as “Widows Row”.

Fast forward to 1994 and the facility was gifted to the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast. After three years of construction, the facility was brought up to modern standards and met the historical requirements of the neighborhood in which it sits.

The staff of forty work tirelessly to ensure that all residents (women and men) are safe, comfortable and active. Residents can participate in a variety of activities such arts and crafts, birthdays parties, trips around the community and social hour. In addition, priest from the Mobile area come each week for Holy Communion in the beautiful chapel.

The purpose of Murray House Sunday is to inform the diocese of this ministry and ask for assistance in replacing the facility’s aging roof in the “Raise the Roof Project." While trying to be a reasonable cost option for individuals, Murray House must seek funds for capital improvements.

For more information please call Pam Koch at 251.454.7110 or Laura Rutherford at 251.476.7350.


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