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Reconstructing Diocesan Youth Ministry with Ministry Architects

Youth Ministry in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast is a central part of the mission and health of our church. Over the past few months, a team of volunteers was called together by Bishop Kendrick to renew the direction and purpose of what our shared Youth Ministry will look like in the future. This group, in partnership with Ministry Architects, a nationally known consulting firm, will spend their energy over the next 12 months doing some great work. We hope you will follow along and get connected with this ministry. Here is what we are doing:

The team is working on expanding and strategically strengthening the youth ministry efforts of our diocese by focusing on these four areas: the smaller churches with resources & support them through the Smaller Church Cohort program; coordinate regional events in addition to diocesan-wide events; training/support our adults who work with youth (including online resources); management of diocesan-sponsored programs/events.

We want you to know that we are building an infrastructure that will move our youth ministry in the diocese forward. We will be sending you information on our Master Events and a Youth Ministry Newsletter very soon. Ask us!

Our Youth Team Members are Lydia Allison, John Talbert, Jill Chow, The Rev. Molly Payne-Hardin, Rachel Iversen, Anne McEniry, Jenn Johnson (Missioner for Communications), Addie Boyd-Quina (Program Director – Camp Beckwith), The Rt. Rev. Russell Kendrick (Bishop). The Ministry Architects team members are Mark DeVries, Stephanie Caro, Leslie Manning, Stephen Ingram, Krista Mulhollen, Becki Manni, and Melissa Rau.


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