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7 simple ways to share your church on social media

For those of us engaged in social media, posting our lives for others to see has become second nature -- Going to a show with my friends! Post. Sailing away on a cruise! Post. Attending my grandson's wedding! Post. We share videos that make us giggle, recipes that look tasty, and articles that make us cry. We are even brave enough to talk politics. So why aren't we so daring when it comes to posting something that shows how much we love our church community? We seem to be hesitant to share that we actively participate in our Christian faith for fear of being judged or labeled as "too churchy." Let's set those presumptions aside, and open ourselves up to the possibility that someone out there just might find comfort and connection in knowing that others love Jesus too and aren't afraid to show it.

Here are seven simple ways we can embrace our churchy-ness on social media, particularly Facebook:

  1. Like your church on Facebook and post a review - LEARN HOW.

  2. Check-in at church on Facebook. It takes three seconds! If you are feeling up to it, write a sentence about why you wanted to attend that day, then post a follow-up comment on why you are glad you went - LEARN HOW.

  3. Share that you are going to a church event, such as a concert series, Bible study program, or parish picnic - LEARN HOW.

  4. Post a picture of yourself with friends at choir practice, helping beautify the church grounds, setting up the altar or grilling food at the church cookout. LEARN HOW.

  5. Share something your church posted on their Facebook page. A sermon for instance, or a scripture quote or prayer. LEARN HOW.

  6. Invite others to join you at church this Sunday or to the next event. Let them know it is okay to "come as you are."

  7. Share your story, your worries, your joys, ask for prayers. Sharing parts of yourself with others is as much for you as it is for them.

Sharing your church life on social media can take some people outside their comfort zones, but imagine yourself being someone who shares the boundless love of Christ. It can be transformational for you and quite possibly someone else.

Want to learn more about Facebook in general? HERE IS A BASIC TUTORIAL


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