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Panama City Beach’s Arlene Shaheen feeds the hungry at Sikh temple

Grace Church, Panama City Beach, attendee Arlene Shaheen assisted in providing meals at the Sikh Temple in the Old Quarter of Delhi, India, on her

recent visit to the subcontinent. This wealthy congregation provides approximately 3,000 free meals three times a day at their beautiful temple. Arlene's husband, Tom Heifner, also a parishioner at Grace Church, had visited the area five years ago, and requested that Arlene be an invited to volunteer at the temple.

Sikhism is a monotheistic faith arising out of the Hindu tradition which believes in equality, sharing, and charity. Tom is a civil engineer. He and Arlene are members of Sir Edmund Hillary Society which provides volunteers and monetary support to build schools, sanitation projects, and water wells for the 70 percent of India's population who live in impoverished villages. They also met with the executive director of the Acid Crime Survivor Program to learn about her work, also supported by the Society.


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