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The United Thank Offering VBS Program

The United Thank Offering Board is very pleased to announce the release of our new gratitude-based vacation bible school program. This program, called Waves of Gratitude, includes not only classroom materials but also arts, crafts, and science projects. All materials are available on our website and blog site for free as a download at UTO website, UTO Blog. UTO initially contracted with consultants and The Episcopal Church to develop this program to be used for the children’s program at General Convention last year. These materials have been modified to be used for vacation bible school across the church.

Although these materials are available for free, we hope that you will consider expressing your gratitude for them by making contributions to the ingathering, either individually or as a congregation. You can order boxes and other supplies at Shima of Navajoland. Contributions can be made through our website, blog, or by mail at:

The United Thank Offering DFMS PO Box 958983 St. Louis, MO 63195-8983

If you have any trouble finding these materials, please email me and I can send you the link. We expect them to be made available around the first of May. The UTO Board invites everyone, both young and old, to establish a daily practice of gratitude. As PB Curry says, “Gratitude as an attitude is a game changer”.


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