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Stepping Onto Soggy Ground - 6 Week Series on Claiming Your Baptismal Ministry

Our convention focus and conversation this year were based on the story of Noah’s ark. Given that not everyone was at convention or privy to those conversations, we are inviting everyone to go forward with us into the season of Eastertide with a special series we will be offering called Stepping onto Soggy Ground: 6 Week Series on Claiming Your Baptismal Ministry. This series envelops and continues the work started at convention and is open to anyone interested.

Bishop Russell and diocesan missioners, the Rev. Lydia Johnson and the Rev. Dr. Joy Blaylock, will carry us through the story of Noah and the story of the disciples after Jesus’ death by offering a weekly video to watch. This is a resource that you may find useful as a midweek reflection or on Sunday mornings as with the previous Good Book Club or Praying the Collects of the Book of Common Prayer offerings.

After one year of a pandemic, we have sheltered behind closed doors in order to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. We remember that there were closed doors on Noah’s ark and closed doors after the death of Jesus. We invite you to join us as we reconsider the story of Noah and the story of the disciples as Jesus appears to them after his resurrection. Both of these stories have recurring components that are inherent to our mutual ministry as baptized persons: themes of promise, possibility, and power.

While the past year has brought to us many technical questions regarding safety and protocols, the fundamental question of how we continue in the ministry of partnering with God to heal the world remains. We aim to stir those questions for our own time to reveal what structures or ministry skills will best serve in making real the fundamental character of our identity as the living members of the dying and rising Jesus.

Video reflections and questions will be sent out on Thursdays by email (Join our email list here). The schedule is as follows:

  • April 15—Noah and Promise, Rev. Lydia Johnson

  • April 22—Noah and Possibility, Rev. Dr. Joy Blaylock

  • April 29—Noah and Power, Bishop Russell Kendrick

  • May 6—Easter Promise, Rev. Lydia Johnson

  • May 13—Easter Possibility, Rev. Dr. Joy Blaylock

  • May 20—Easter Power, Bishop Russell Kendrick

Additionally, you are invited to join us for the Footprints Group, a weekly Zoom discussion group offered to enhance the teachings of the Stepping onto Soggy Ground video series.

The Footprints Group will be held on Sunday evenings at 4 p.m. CDT on Zoom. Register below to receive the link to join.

Questions? Contact: The Rev. Dr. Joy Blaylock at, or the Rev. Lydia Knizley Johnson at



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