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St. Peter's Vestry parades to parishioners' homes

Taking a page from the many groups of teachers across the country who organized parades in their students' neighborhoods, the Vestry of St. Peter's, Bon Secour, paraded to many of our parishioners' homes on May 3. We decorated our vehicles with ribbons and streamers and armed ourselves with posters, pots and pans (for noisemakers), and a letter emblazoned with a big red ribbon on it to represent our prayers for them during this difficult time. Horns were honked, pots and pans rattled, doorbells rung, and letters distributed as we spent a few minutes in the yard with each church family member. We had been calling members to maintain contact since the shutdown of our parish but wanted to express that we all missed our regular in-church services and seeing each other! Several members, including Vestry members, cried, and expressed appreciation for our visits. Some who had heard about the caravan before we arrived at their homes prepared snacks for us, and gifted us with heirloom plant cuttings and extra masks. One person commented that the phone calls had been wonderful but that this had been the first time she was able to feel the presence of God since our last Sunday at St. Peter's. A second caravan was held on Thursday, May 21 in an attempt to 'visit' some of the parishioners we missed the first time. The reactions were similar to the first round and were filled with excitement and happiness in seeing each other again. We returned home buoyed by the camaraderie and joy at seeing our church family!

What started out as a simple way to maintain contact with our parishioners, blossomed into so much more. We, the Vestry, were incredibly blessed to look at each person and see happiness and enthusiasm during such a dark period for many of us. I certainly agree with the family member who spoke of feeling God's presence...The rest of my evening was spent singing, to myself, one of my favorite hymns, 'Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place..."

Peace and blessings abound,

Debbie Waldrop

Sr. Warden, St. Peter's, Bon Secour


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