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Journey to the Diaconate - Year 1 of a 3 Year Cycle

The diocesan school is in the process of educating two students in their journey to the diaconate, Deborah Knight-Epps and Bradford Clark (candidacy undecided). Both of these postulants have demonstrated a deep commitment to their call and an ever-growing eagerness to learn more about the Episcopal Church and the role of the deacon/priest in the church and in the world.

In this first year, we have covered History of the Church from the Year 1000 BC to the Present and Spiritual Development. In our spiritual development class, Brad and Deborah have utilized the Benedictine method of daily reflection as part of centering their prayer life around their calls. A Spiritual Gifts assessment and a deep look at some of the saints and mystics have offered many opportunities to reflect on the gifts of the Spirit and how those gifts have come into the world through the lives of the saints.

In the coming year, we have scheduled the students to take Scripture, The Diakonia, Advanced Pastoral Theology, Homiletics, and Anglican Identity. Brad will take one unit of CPE this fall. Deborah has completed four units of CPE.

The Rev. Deacon Clelia Garrity


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