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GC Report from Rev. Amanda Dosher

Greetings from the 81st General Convention in Louisville, Kentucky! As a first-time delegate, these early days of the convention have been time for me to watch, learn, and get acclimated to the rules and customs of the General Convention (including how to pronounce “Louisville!”). I have been truly moved by the gathering of this body of over a thousand deputies, bishops, worship leaders, and volunteers, brought together by an obvious love of Christ and love of the Episcopal Church. Despite long hours and hundreds of resolutions to work through, I have noticed that everyone in our deputation is joyful, energized, and encouraged by a passion for the Church and our work in the world.

We started our day with Morning Prayer celebrating the Feast Day of the Nativity of John the Baptist. Worshipping and singing daily with a thousand Episcopalians from all over the world is one of the greatest gifts of General Convention. On the floor of the House of Deputies, we heard a presentation and discussion on the proposed triennial budget for 2025-2027. In the afternoon session, we tackled only a few resolutions aside from the consent agenda, but there was robust and important debate on a variety of issues that impact the people of our Church. Among the issues discussed were equitable access to health insurance for employees of the Church, reducing the financial assessment that the national Church requests from the dioceses, and social justice issues to include mental health awareness and access to racial reconciliation training materials.

My first impression of business on the floor of the House of Deputies is that it takes so long at times to get through the business at hand. However, I have also seen the invaluable benefit of hearing firsthand the stories, passions, and perspectives of my neighbors across the Episcopal Church. It is truly a place where the Holy Spirit moves and animates the work we do. I was also delighted to see that the deputies were earnestly listening to one another and took great care to discern the right way forward. Our own deputation listened to one another’s viewpoints and took seriously the responsibility entrusted to them.

While we are off to a slow start, I know the Holy Spirit is moving in the House of Deputies and important and holy work is being done. I look forward to watching our Church discern its way forward this week and thank God for the love, respect, and compassion that all members have shown one another. Continue to pray for our deputation and bishop this week as we work together for the future of our Church.


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