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GC Report from Deputy Jill Showers Chow

Hello, my name is Jill Showers Chow, a member of Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile. I am so excited to be a second-time deputy for the 81st General Convention in Louisville, Kentucky serving on the Committee on the Dispatch of Business for the second time and on the Committee for Racial Truth-telling, Reckoning, and Healing for the first time.  As a cradle Episcopalian, this community has been my spiritual home since I was a child and its history holds a special place in my heart. Our church has a rich heritage built by the dedication and faith of those who came before us. My grandmother was the one who helped share the history of the church and shaped my foundational understanding of our great faith. It is this deep connection to our past that has motivated me to serve in our church on the Committee for Racial Truth-telling, Reckoning, and Healing. I am inspired by the legacy of those who have dedicated their lives to nurturing our church and its members. I believe it is our duty to honor their memory by continuing their work and paving the way for a bright future. As we look ahead, we face new challenges and opportunities. Our world is changing rapidly and it is crucial that our church evolves to meet the needs of our community. Together we can build upon the foundation laid by those before us and create a new path forward that expands our to serve a broader community. 


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