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Does My Mission Glorify God?

The Rev. Clelia Pinza-Garrity, LCSW – Deacon and member of the Commission on Global Mission Engagement

A reflection on John 17:6-19, Jesus’ prayer for his disciples

Offered by the Rev. Fadi Diab

This month our Global Mission reflection focuses on the Rev. Fadi Diab as presenter in week seven of the post-Easter video series offered by the Episcopal Church’s Office of Global Partnerships (OGP): Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus: An Easter Journey with Palestinian Christians.

Rev. Fadi Diab is rector of St. Andrew’s Church in Ramallah and St. Peter’s Church, Birziet.

Since the onset of the Israel/Gaza war on October 7, 2023, Fr. Fadi has been a key participant in various forums produced by both the Global Episcopal Mission Network (GEMN) and the OGP. He has been and remains a constant, compelling, and passionate spokesperson for the Diocese of Jerusalem and has offered ongoing updates on the lives of not only Christians but all who live on Jerusalem’s West Bank. I am a huge fan of his and I think you will be too after viewing his reflection. It is Week Seven in the above-referenced link.

Throughout this all too brief seven-week series, reflections offered by the Archbishop of Jerusalem and his clergy on the Gospel readings for the weeks following Easter are each in their own way stunning examples of deep faith and courageous theological and spiritual leadership in the midst of tragedy and terror. The series is hosted by the Middle East Partnership Officer for the Episcopal Church, Paul Feheley, a Canadian priest, who has become a good friend over the past several months as we share information and concerns about the Diocese of Jerusalem.

In reflecting on John 17:6-19, Jesus’ most beautiful prayer of concern for his disciples, Fr. Fadi assures us that “Jesus is very much concerned about his disciples, and we know that Jesus is very much concerned about his church today. About the faithful communities, especially the faithful communities that must go through difficult times.” Throughout Fr. Fadi stresses that Jesus continues to walk with us each day and through his relationship with the Father Jesus continually intercedes for us. Every day, even in the midst of pain and suffering and agony, we see God’s love. We see God’s care for people who cannot take care for themselves – the hungry and the sick. We see it in the arrival of food, medication, organizations supporting interventions that seek peace and justice, and of course through the many prayers offered, and the disciples who walk alongside us no matter what challenges they face.

As his reflection continues Fr. Fadi turns his focus to the role of the disciple and ways in which his congregations in their mission as disciples of Christ, despite their own fears and challenges, are finding comfort in compassionately reaching out to others in the community. Fr. Fadi concedes that being a disciple is challenging work. He tells us that “Once we decide to follow Jesus, we need to anticipate challenges, pushback…but that is the mission of the church, to come out of its comfort zone. To challenge injustice; to save lives…We need to continue to minister to those who are devastated...That is the mission of God. That mission is what glorifies God.”

Speaking of his congregants, Fr. Fadi reflected, “At first they were frightened, angry, but as they began to reach out to others, educating them, revealing the truth, that is when they found their sanctity, the process of sanctification, through serving truth…That is how they consecrated themselves…It has really helped them to heal as they educate others, as they take part in revealing truth…to the world.”

Fr. Fadi concludes this brief, deeply moving reflection with a simple but powerfully thought-provoking charge:

“Our mission is what brings God’s glory. He is glorified in our mission. So, we need to ask ourselves does my mission glorify God?”


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