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Borden Zone Project

Author: The Rev. Deacon Clelia Garrity

Along with everyone else in America, we have been following the migrant situation on the Texas/Mexican border for quite some time. Increasingly our heartstrings have been pulled by reports of children separated from their parents, and our minds have been overwhelmed by conflicting reports concerning continual changes in US immigration policy. This past July, we made the decision to take a diocesan team to the Texas border to partner with Team Brownsville and Catholic Charities as they worked tirelessly to welcome, in every way possible, brothers and sisters from throughout the world who had arrived at the Texas border seeking asylum. We wanted to see and to hear for ourselves what was really happening.

Upon on our return we called together all those who might be interested in hearing our stories. A core group of over 20 people has been formed, and we hope to grow over time – not only to serve but also to learn as much as possible about the complex issues surrounding immigration at this point in time. With that increased knowledge we plan to become better advocates for those who seek asylum and resettlement in our country. READ OUR REPORT.

To date, our diocese has sent three teams to the Texas border zone. In this time our hearts and minds have been stolen by the stories of the many men, women, and children that we have served. In addition, we have formed a strong bond with Team Brownsville  This coming February, we will send another team of 15 to assist Team Brownsville in preparing and serving meals to over 1000 people for two days running. We intend to carry on with this ministry for as long as we are needed.

Two team members, Mary Poteat (age 16) and the Rev. Mary Alice Mathison, have written brief reflections on their time spent working in the Border Zone. We wanted to share these thoughts with you. We are blessed to have been called to this ministry, and we are indeed blessed by the many team members who work so tirelessly to bring our love to those who live in darkness.

If you have questions or would like to become a member of Team Border Zone, please contact me.

Peace, Deacon Clelia 


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