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Bishop Russell's Reflection on Mark 9:14-10:52

Once again, Bishop Russell succinctly recaps the reading for this week, but also issues to us this important point to remember when reading scripture, "Don’t just look at a verse or two without looking at more. That is who we are as Anglicans, and it is an important aspect of our identity. Taken alone, the Bible is a complicated and complex tool for discerning God’s will. So the Anglican way looks at more. Often referred to as the "three legged stool," we look to scripture, tradition and reason when trying to determine God’s will on issues and topics."

After Bishop Russell walks us through some key moments from chapters 9-11, he leaves us with some important questions to ask ourselves, "What are some of the issues in the Bible that are difficult for you? Might you take some time and really explore them from the context not only of scripture, but tradition and reason? Jesus speaks three times about the role of suffering in his life and ministry. Speak of a time when suffering led you to a deeper understanding of God."

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