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Institution of Elizabeth Ferard Chapter of Daughters of the King

On Sunday, September 8, the Rev. Bailey Norman officiated at the Service of Institution of a Senior Chapter of Daughters of the King® at Trinity Episcopal Church in Mobile, Alabama. The charter for the Elizabeth Ferard Chapter was presented to Rev. Norman by the Diocesan Assembly President, Beth Moore. Once the charter was instituted, five women, who had completed the discernment process required by the Daughters of the King ®, were admitted into membership. The new members included: Laurent Cadden, Anne Gill, Wendy James, Martha Jones, and Mary Stewart Stephens. Finally, Pat Cyrus and Daphne Marcum, who were already members of The Order of the Daughters of the King® rededicated themselves to the Order’s Rule of Life. The parish gathered for a celebration complete with cake following the service. It was a beautiful day celebrating these women’s dedication to prayer, service, and evangelism.

Photo: Trinity's newest members of The Order of the Daughter's of the King ®. Photo credit: Bob Peck


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