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Life Together in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast

Together – it’s the first word in our diocesan mission statement: “Together, we are the body of Christ ~ transforming people from members into disciples, moving more deeply into God's call to life and ministry, and extending our mission beyond the status quo.”

Recently Dr. Greg Garrett, a noted author and professor, spoke to our 48th Annual Diocesan Convention on the theme of "Life Together." Garrett invited us to break out into small groups and discuss a series of questions centered around our Life Together.

As I read through and listened to the discussions, the hard and essential work of following Jesus and getting involved in what God is doing didn’t seem quite so hard…it seemed like a natural extension of who we are and all we love!

Thanks to all who participated, we have good news to share about Life Together in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast. Here are just a few highlights that small groups shared about what they would want a stranger to know about us that might be life-giving:

“No matter what you’ve done, you can’t erase God’s love; every individual is a part of God’s team.”

“A lot of churches say everyone is welcome, but they mean ‘as long as you fit like us.’ Everyone is welcome not only to be here but to be who you are here.”

“God is love and will not leave you or forsake you; there is no fear in love; there is hope and a future; and you get to start over every week in the general confession!”

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