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Bishop Russell reflects on Romans 13:11-15:6

BISHOP RUSSELL REFLECTS ON ROMANS 13:11-15:6, for the seventh week's readings for the Good Book Club, February 18-23.

"'Accept one another, be of one mind.' Here's an exercise you might want to try. Go back through Chapters 12-15 and see if you can make a list of some of the concrete issues that Paul is addressing with the Roman Church. Some of the [issues] are internal and some are external, and as you make that [list], imagine that Paul might write a letter to your church. What would be the concrete issues in your church that he might address? What are the obstacles and stumbling blocks that people are dealing with, and what would Paul say to that? Finally, Paul argues for community and unity to the point that being right or wrong seems almost secondary in some of his writings. Can you speak of a time in your own life when those two values were at odds, and how did you reconcile that?"

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