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Bishop Russell becomes a member of the Bishop’s Advisory Council to the Brotherhood of St. Andrew

National Council chairman of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and Christ Church Chapter member, Dick Hooper, met with Bishop Russell on June 14 in response to a letter from our presiding bishop, Michael Curry. Bishop Curry asked our bishop to join the recreated Bishop’s Advisory Council of the Brotherhood to strengthen their ministry of prayer, study and service to men and youth “in the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.” Bishop Russell was asked to be the council member who will advise about matters of evangelism. Bishop Curry wrote, “They (the Brotherhood) have been at it since 1883, and I very much look forward to seeing the ways your insight and experience will help them increase their evangelism efforts.”

Dick Hooper said that he has already been using our bishop’s expertise. Bishop Russell wrote an insightful article in the May 3 edition of the Views from the Bishop's Chair entitled “Being Awkwardly Public about Jesus” from which Dick quoted extensively in his talk, “Let’s Stop Whispering the 'E' Word,” at the Brotherhood Triennial. It was held concomitantly with the General Convention in Austin Texas July 5, 6, & 7.

Bishop Curry spoke to the Triennial Convention during the opening session on July 5 and invited the council members to come and be introduced. Other council members are the Rt. Rev. Brian Seage, Diocese of Mississippi, Recovery; the Rt. Rev. Martin S. Field, Diocese of West Missouri, Veterans; the Rt. Rev. W. Michie Klusmeyer, Diocese of West Virginia, Scouting and Youth; the Rt. Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves, Diocese of El Camino Real, Diversity; the Rt. Rev. Eugene T. Sutton, Diocese of Maryland, Racial Reconciliation and Healing; and the Rt. Rev. Lloyd Emmanuel Allen, Diocese of Honduras, Hispanic and Multi-Cultural Ministries.

The purpose of the council is, as stated, “advisory.” The bishops will meet for about one hour via Skype on a quarterly basis to advise the National Council of the Brotherhood about the seven areas of ministry that are their primary focus. This partnership should strengthen ties between clergy and laity as they both work to build the Kingdom, Episcopal style.

Thank you Bishop Russell for your special new role in men’s ministry! The Brotherhood

is relying on you to help us to encourage all Episcopalians to be less awkward about

using the "E" word.


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