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19 ways to strengthen your spiritual and emotional wellness

Recently, the Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner was asked to speak to a group of residents of St. John's on the Lake. As they faced the snowy, short and darker winter days in their Milwaukee, Wisconsin nursing home. They wanted him to discuss, "How do we strengthen spiritual and emotional wellness?" After brief comments, he told them that the "Wisdom in the room" could answer their question. He proceeded to have members of the audience, most of whom were over 90 years of age, to give their own suggestions which he recorded on a large piece of paper for all to see. Their "wisdom" for strengthening spiritual and emotional wellness is below. After thought, the speaker added the last sentence.

Your Commission on Affirmative Aging thinks that their wisdom seems to apply to all seasons, all situations, all locations and especially to each of us in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.

Cultivating an "Attitude of Gratitude"

Reading books on spirituality

Serving others

Spending more time with friends-not isolating

Spending more time with children

Forgiving freely-others and yourself

Letting go of regrets

Not taking yourself too seriously

Praying, meditating, embracing being quiet

Singing as often as possible

Spending more time listening, rather than just talking

Learning to accept and love things as they are, including your aging body

Supporting one another

Laughing more

Staying active, trying to move some every day

Finding the blessing in each day

Remembering the wisdom of the Serenity Prayer

Every time you see someone, even if you don't know them, greet them with a smile

Spending more time with the elders in our families and in our communities.

* The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner. Weekly Words of Wellness. Jan. 13, 2017. Used with Permission.


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