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2017 Discipleship Day Summary

Held on March 25, 2017 at St. Jude's, Niceville

Attendance: 135 people

Workshop Summaries

Can These Bones Live? Presenter: Dent Davidson from the Diocese of Chicago For church musicians, choir members, clergy, worship leaders, and worship participants.  Just as the Breath of God awakened, enlivened and inspired the Valley of Dry Bones, so the Gift of Song has the capacity to form, connect, unite, and liberate the People of God in our Church today. We will explore the power of song and its deep connection to Congregational Vitality, using resources that range from The Hymnal 1982 to “Paperless Music” to Improvisation. The material is useful for congregations small and large, and very adaptable to unique situations. We will also look at the liturgy as a whole, making this workshop useful (and fun!) for anyone who leads and participates in worship.

Presentation materials not available.

coming soon Home: Front the Front Door to the Kitchen Presenter: Mike Orr, from the Diocese of Colorado For all church members. OFFERED IN CONJUNCTION WITH DIGITAL DISCIPLES An intersection of communications strategy, formation, and membership growth. Discover the strategies employed by healthy, growing churches to create intentional environments where relationships grow deeper with God and with one another. Explore how hospitality can move guests to engage and explore life in a church community and eventually become members of the family, themselves inviting new friends and neighbors to come for dinner and stay for the nurture and nourishment of community. Presentation Digital Disciples: Following Jesus, Today Presenter: Jenn Johnson, diocesan missioner for communications For church communicators and evangelists. OFFERED IN CONJUNCTION WITH HOME: FROM THE FRONT DOOR TO THE KITCHEN This workshop will lead you through various communication methods, and how to tell your story beyond print. Learn why social media is changing the way people share their faith with others, and how we can engage our communities outside our churches by sharing our walk with Jesus. Presentation Equipped Presenters: Bishop Russell, Dwight Babcock, and the Church Pension Group For church leaders, senior wardens/vestry members. This workshop will take a look at the unique dynamics of congregational leadership, explore the concept of vestry as ministry, and review practical ways to enrich the experience of being on the vestry. Learn how your church may save on church property insurance and health insurance, including the use of Health Savings Accounts. Information will be shared on grants and scholarships available for churches plus resources to help you learn more about your church and local community. Church Pension Group (CPG) will provide an overview on the recent changes to clergy pensions and other related plans that are administered by CPG. Presentation Going Out the Front Red Door in Community in the World Presenter: the Rev. Deacon Joanna Seibert from St. Mark's, Little Rock, Arkansas Open to anyone interested in pastoral care. This workshop will give an overview of pastoral care ministries and programs with an emphasis on specific practical ways to implement these ministries depending on the congregation size and experience. The importance of pastoral care as a shared ministry will be emphasized. In depth details of specific ministries such as Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church, Walking the Mourner's Path, and Community of Hope will be highlighted. Send email to Joanna



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