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Listening sessions for Youth Ministry

Upon the departure of James Lawrence as our part-time Diocesan Youth Minister, I decided that before immediately hiring someone to fill the position, I wanted to take time to evaluate the purpose and goals of youth ministry at the Diocesan level. For example, what do you desire from a diocesan staff person? What skills are needed in a person serving at the Diocesan level? What is the most important way I, as your Bishop, can offer resources that enrich and inspire youth ministry at the congregational level?

To accomplish this task, we have hired Ministry Architects to facilitate several listening events at various locations in the Diocese. Here is the rescheduled date for the last session:

FEBRUARY 8, 2017 | 6:00 to 8:00 pm

St. Christopher's, Pensacola, FL

For this event to be useful, it is essential that we have teenagers, parents, youth leaders, clergy, and youth volunteers from every church.

Included with this notice are links to (see below) a flyer that I ask you to share with the people in your church. In addition to that advertisement, is a brief explanation of what will happen at the event. Please help us serve you better by inviting, recruiting, and encouraging youth, parents and volunteers to join us. Here is a helpful flyer for you to share:

Youth Ministry is vital to our diocese.



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