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Medical mission team returns from Dominican Republic, looks to next year

The Medical Mission group from the Central Gulf Coast traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in March, to work with and provide care to the members of the Central Gulf Coast’s companion diocese, the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. The group conducted a family practice clinic in the parish of San Marco Iglesia and Escuela in the town of Haina and reached out to the surrounding community, assessing and treating over 800 patients, children, and adults, during the five-day clinic. The group provided medications and treatments. They concluded that the mission was successful and felt blessed by the experience.

A mission is being planned for 2017 to the Batey Palave, located in an abandoned sugar cane plantation north of Santo Domingo and home to roughly 6,000 people, 2,500 of them children. Sr. Rafael, an attorney who felt called to help these people, has organized them into a real village, with education for the children and rules to help them achieve a civil society. Most are Haitian refugees and very poor; they are without running water, consistent electricity, plumbing, and medications, and have little or no hospital care. The Central Gulf Coast’s mission team will deliver medical care and medications to this group and teach healthy living habits to the children. They also plan to develop ways to deliver a reliable source of clean water.

The team will consist of physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nurses, security officer, assistants, and possibly a therapist. If you have skills you would like to share to help the less fortunate, or if you would like to support the mission in the form of a donation, please contact the team leaders at the numbers and email addresses below.

Contact Linda Vogel, RN, Co-leader, at (502) 797-1511 or, or Keith Green, Co-leader, at (850) 496-7724 or


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