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Local ordinand’s video puts human face on Syrian crisis

Come to Istanbul with us by viewing the attached video, “The Syrian Crisis: a Call for Interfaith Positive Action,” as we visit Ahmed and his family, Syrian guests living in Istanbul. Learn as we did that the Syrian crisis presents opportunities for Christians and Muslims to work together in faithful acts of charity to affect positive action in the world. Both faiths call their adherents to charitable acts, and by working together not only can we pool our considerable resources in the name of positive action, but we can also learn from each other in the interest of forming stronger bonds of friendship and community between us.

The Rev. Jeff Hual is a recent ordinand from the Central Gulf Coast now completing an internship curacy year at St. Paul's K Street in Washington, D.C. He has just returned from Istanbul where he made this video with a friend. He hopes to share this message widely.


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