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2016 Discipleship Day Summary

Held on April 9, 2016 at St. Christopher's, Pensacola

Attendance: 175 people representing 44 congregations

Workshop Summaries

Invite Welcome Connect Mary Parmer of the Dioceses of Texas introduced her newcomer ministry model of INVITE-WELCOME-CONNECT, educating participants on how to create intentional and transformation newcomer ministries in our local congregations. The INVITE-WELCOME-CONNECT materials that project consultant Mary Parmer created and developed in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas provides creative, concrete resources and tools to assist congregations in forming systematic and intentional newcomer ministries. Those interested, please visit the INVITE-WELCOME-CONNECT website, for readily available resources. Invite-Welcome-Connect Booklet Parmer asked participants to brainstorm practical ideas that will help congregations live into this newcomer ministry. see what folks are sharing  contribute your congregations ideas Wardens and Vestries: Ministers or Managers

Bishop Russell and Diocesan Administrator, Dwight Babcock facilitated a workshop intended for those who are serving on congregational vestries either as a member or a warden, looked at the unique dynamics of congregational leadership, explored the concept of vestry as ministry, and reviewed practical ways to enrich the experience of being on the vestry.

The Rev. Reid McCormick, Rector, and Judy Gettys, past Senior Warden, shared their story of St. Thomas Greenville's transformational experience through stewardship and taught participants how to apply the same principles and strategies in their congregations and adapt a plan that works for each unique church. Below are the resources Fr. Reid and Judy presented during the workshop. Pray-Worship-Serve FAQs Pray-Worship-Serve Initial Letter or Email Pray-Worship-Serve Pledge Card SERVE SHARE Stewardship Campaign Timeline Stewardship that Works (Power Point presentation w/o video) Thank you attendees! We missed you! WORSHIP



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