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2016 Annual Diocesan Convention Summary

Held February 18-20, 2016 at St. Paul's, Daphne

Theme: Be Still and Know

Synopis of Friday afternoon Table Talk - download document

The Duvall Center staff sifted and sorted all the post-it notes looking for themes and ideas to direct our work. Some of these ideas might make for a good vestry conversation about your church’s local ministry. As an aside, we heard many comments about the usefulness of the Friday afternoon table talk. We intend to hold similar conversation at next year’s Convention.

Copy of the Saturday morning summary - download document

Summary from the Friday table talk given by the Secretary, The Reverend Steve Pankey and Bishop Russell.

Commission & Task Forces Purpose and Goals - download document

After the Convention Bishop Russell convened a meeting of the Diocesan Commission/Task Force Chairs. He passed out a list of their membership. He asked each Chair to contact their members, schedule a meeting within 45 days, create an “elevator speech” purpose statement for their respective ministry, and set a couple of goals to guide their work. Bishop Russell is pleased and grateful to report that every Commission and Task Force has done so. Good work is going on and he wanted to share it with you!

Outline of Discipleship, Discernment and Development - download document

An outline of how your diocesan staff at the Duvall Center is organizing our ministry under the 3 D’s of Discipleship, Discernment, and Development.

Includes the Directory of the Diocese, Proceedings of the Convention, Articles of Incorporation, Rules of Order, and the Canons of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast. The Journal is an important reference that all clergy, delegates and vestry members should be aware of regarding the governance of our diocese.




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