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Standing Committee Nominations

Standing Committee Nomination Form

The Standing Committee is the body of lay and clergy members of the Diocese authorized by the Canons of the Episcopal Church as the Bishop’s Council of Advice; members are elected by the annual Diocesan Convention or appointed by the Bishop. The Standing Committee’s major responsibility is to serve as the Bishop’s Council of Advice; they also have responsibilities involving such varied matters as the disposition of property, the election and consecration of bishops, ecclesiastical discipline as defined in Title IV, and the approval of candidates for ordained ministry. Each year new clergy & lay members are elected / appointed to replace retiring members or vacant terms.

Standing Committee members should have:
  • Leadership experience within their congregations,

  • A working understanding of the polity of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese,

  • Good listening skills. Ability to work with others in a collaborative manner. Ability to deal with difficult and confidential matters. Prayerful presence.

Expectations of members:
  • Attend Standing Committee Meetings (5-6 per year scheduled on weekdays); come prepared and engage, 

  • Provide liaison support to your assigned committee / commission, 

  • Participate in the life of the Diocese; attend Diocesan Convention and regional events,

  • Support the Bishop as needed in an advisory capacity.

Time expectations:

About 3 hours for bi-monthly committee meetings; up to 2-3 hours a month for liaison responsibilities with other committees.

Who to Contact: 

Dwight Babcock

Diocesan Administrator and Assistant Secretary to Convention

Discipleship. Development. Discernment.
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