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Mission Engagement: Joining God in the Neighborhood

Our purpose is to organize the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast to engage spiritual practices that more move us beyond the walls of our church buildings and more fully recognize and join God’s work among the communities in which our congregations live and move and have their being.  

We do this through sharing resources such as DataStory for Faith Communities, Baptized for Life, U.S. Congregational Vitality Survey: Discover Your Strengths, and missional engagement project models such as the Central Gulf Coast Freedom Schools® Leadership Team program and J.U.S.T Pensacola organization, and other new missional initiatives, such as the Way of Love in Freeport, and Between the Bridges in Panama City Beach.  We are available for leadership development and peer coaching for congregational or regional missional engagement projects, developing strategic missional plans, and to facilitate other opportunities for congregational enrichment.

Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools® Program

Discipleship. Development. Discernment.
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