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Eucharistic Visitor Training

Sharing communion is an event that can transcend time and space and evoke deep memories. And being the minister who shares the gift of communion is one that will nourish and feed you as much as it will those you serve. 

Because serving as a Eucharistic Visitor is one that is canonically authorized by the bishop, the video below outlines basic expectations for those who seek to participate in this life-giving ministry in our diocese. The video is not meant to be exhaustive or exclusive, but to be used in conjunction with the formation given to you by your local clergy.  Time together with your clergy in order to know local customs and procedures is essential.  If you are serving at a church without a priest, then the video will provide the necessary information in order for the bishop's office to license you to serve as a Eucharistic Visitor in your congregation. If your church is not currently served by a priest, you will need consent from your vestry along with your request for licensure. 

Also provided below is a second video portraying a home visit. 

Recommended reading: A Manual for Eucharistic Visitors: Ely, Beth Wickenberg: 9780819221582: Books

Eucharistic Visitor Training Video
Eucharistic Visitor Example Visit
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