51st Annual Diocesan Convention Registration
All attendees are asked to register in advance by February 1, 2022.

Churches are asked to complete the registration/certification form* and make payment for their delegation.

This registration form is for the following:

  • Clergy (parochial and canonically resident in this diocese). Fee: $150 per person

  • Lay delegates. Fee: $150 per person

  • Alternate delegates (whether attending or non-attending). Fee varies: $0-$50 per person

  • Youth delegates. Free

  • Youth alternates. Free

*During the registration process, you will be asked to certify the election of lay and alternate delegates. By selecting yes, you will be prompted to provide the date of election.

Each delegate must have their own individual email address and mobile device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc). This is a requirement due to the application we will use for quorum verification and voting.


Registration for the convention is now closed and the tickets for attendance have sold out. 

All are still welcome to attend the Closing Worship Service on Saturday, February 19. Plan to arrive by 10:30am. Service is scheduled to start at 10:45am. 


This registration form is for the following attendees:

  • Non-voting Clergy (retired or non-parochial, and non-canonically resident in this diocese)

  • Clergy Spouses

  • Standing Committee Members

  • Exhibitors

  • All other visitors

Fee: $30 per person


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