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Contact Diocesan Staff 

Bishop Russell and the Duvall Center staff are rotating time spent at the Duvall Center and working remotely. We are available to help you navigate current challenges. Please contact us by email. We will respond as quickly as we are able. 

Announcements and Statements

Our Agencies
  • Beckwith - Summer Camp sessions have been cancelled. Limited reservations for facility use. Contact Beckwith. 

  • Murray House Assisted Living - closed to visitors until further notice.

General Resources

Worship Resources

Formation Resources

Administration, Finance, and Stewardship Resources

Communications Resources
  • Resources for Creating Online Communities - from eFormation (Virginia Technological Seminary) includes how-to videos for best practices for livestreaming worship and using Zoom video conferencing. 

  • How to livestream in four easy steps - video from Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija

  • Zoom - online video conferencing

  • Phone Conference Calls - when you need to connect multiple people someway other than online

  • A Word About Copyright Licenses - While your church's copyright license may keep you covered for music played and hymns sung during live-streaming once on social media, there are still limitations you need to be aware of in order to remain compliant and to allow your videos to be posted after the livestream. Please review your agreements closely. To be safest, you may want to consider using hymns that are available in the public domain. This resource was suggested by The Episcopal Church. 

Discipleship. Development. Discernment.
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