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Clergy Wellness:  Taking Care of Your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial Well Being


CREDO Workshops

CREDO is a week-long spiritual retreat available to all active diocesan clergy.   CREDO conference participants explore ways in which focusing on their personal well-being supports a healthy life and ministry.  Invitations are on a rotating basis about every 4-5 years.  Retreats are hosted across the nation; please take advantage of this well-subsidized offering.


Planning for Tomorrow Conference   

Hosted by the diocese and sponsored by the Church Pension Group, these conferences provide financial planning and education along with a focus on physical and psychological well-being.  The most recent  “Planning for Wellness Conference” in our diocese was held in April 2019.  See the CPG website for additional dates / locations.

Spiritual Development 

The diocese financially supports a part-time spiritual advisor who is available to all active clergy in the diocese.  Please contact the Rev. Marshall Craver for additional information.

Utilization of current benefits via CPG  

The Church Pension Group has embedded benefits in all their health plans. CPG also has an office of “Wellness and Education” that provides a wide variety of health and wellness support, all at no or low cost.      

  • Health Advocate: Medical specialists available that answer questions about results, recommended treatment options, costs, and coverage, locate the right doctor for your needs, and schedule appointments.  All members, their dependents, household members are eligible.

  • Employee Assistance Program: The EAP is a free, confidential, 24-hour service that connects members with counselors to help you with immediate health needs, assistance with therapy, family, and legal counseling and referrals.  All members, their dependents and any other household members are eligible.

  • Colleague Groups: Included with all CPG health plans, this benefit is available to employees and spouses for group and individual consultations.

  • Pastoral Support Network (PSN): offers clergy counseling and support services with a particular sensitivity to the unique issues priests and their families may experience.  Offered at no cost and is available to all the family members in your household. For more information or to talk with a PSN specialist, call (866) 395-7794

  • Training: On-line webinars and training courses are available at no cost; learning topics include wellness, nutrition, resilience, finances and many others. 

  • Preventative Services: most preventive services are included in CPG sponsored health plans.  Most are 100% covered when you use network providers (no co-payment, coinsurance, deductible, or facility charge).  This includes physicals, mammography, immunizations, screenings, colonoscopy, vision screen, etc.  Dental Plans include 3 no-cost cleanings per year.


Other Resources / Activities
  • Clergy Conferences: the diocese has an annual clergy conference and other meeting opportunities that provide an opportunity for clergy to meet / share ideas / learn.   Different speakers are routinely include as part of this gathering and may include wellness / spiritual / financial topics. 

  • Diocesan Sponsored Events:  the diocese provides offerings for both clergy and lay which may include workshops that focus on wellness (for example, the most recent Discipleship Day included a workshop on Spiritual Care for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia).  

  • Continuing Education:  the diocese recently completed a continuing education policy to encourage all clergy to stay intentionally engaged.  For example, the Baptist Health network provides monthly offerings at little to no cost that can provide up to 5 learning units. 

  • Clergy Spouse Retreat:  a two-night retreat for the spouses of active and retired clergy at Camp Beckwith.  Subsidized by the diocese; next scheduled weekend will be in April 2020. 

  • Enriching Your Retirement:  Enriching Your Retirement workshop are available and scheduled thru Chaplains to the Retired; the most recent event was Nov. 2018.

  • Silver Sneakers:  For retired clergy or those working while pensioned, Silver Sneakers is a free fitness program / membership for seniors includes unlimited access to every participating gym and fitness center in the network.

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