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Bishop Russell reflects on Romans 12:1-13:10

BISHOP RUSSELL REFLECTS ON ROMANS 12:1-13:10, for the sixth week's readings for the Good Book Club, February 11-16.

"I've often used Chapter 12 in retreat settings with folks and I would make a copy and ask people to simply meditate and maybe circle which of these verses, these imperatives, might we put more into practice in our own daily lives?...and I quoted John Wesley that 'there is no such thing as a solitary Christian.' I wonder what you think about that. Do you think Paul would agree? And how does that relate to our own current society?...Finally...would we think differently about some issues, would we find different ways to argue, to debate or even have a dialogue, if the things we talked about were not political, social or economic, but indeed if we see everything as a spiritual issue?"

To view each of Bishop Russell's reflections for the Good Book Club, visit

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