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Christmas Edition of the Gifts of Life Catalog

The Christmas edition of the Episcopal Relief & Development’s Gifts for Life catalog is now available. A catalog has been sent to each congregation. More can be ordered from the Episcopal Marketplace by calling 1.866.937.2772. In addition, the catalog can be found on line at

The Gifts for Life catalog offers many opportunities for gift giving, as well as, making a positive difference in a disadvantaged person’s life. There is the option of purchasing chickens, goats, cows and many other gifts such as crops and farm implements that can contribute to a family’s ability to feed themselves. Other gifts can lead to better health and more economic prospects such as wells and vitamins.

In the past, several congregations in the diocese have used the gift options as fund raisers during Advent. Two such parishes, Christ Church Parish, Pensacola, and St. Andrew’s, Panama City, have been highlighted in this year’s catalog.

The Gifts for Life make wonderful gifts during Christmas and have a lasting impact on the less fortunate. Using the catalog also offers gift givers the opportunity to send an attractive card that can be personalized, but order early to beat the Christmas rush.



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