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Medical mission to Dominican Republic, March 5-12

The Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast will conduct a weeklong medical mission in the Dominican Republic, March 5-12. The mission team will operate a family practice clinic in the parish of San Marco Iglesias and Escuela in the town of Haina. Three primary healthcare givers are needed. The Dominican health authorities require that medical missions include at least one physician. The other two healthcare givers may be nurses or physicians’ assistants.

Team members are required to raise a minimum of $350 toward the mission fund. Funds may be from personal, church, or community resources. Funds will be used to cover in-country transportation, medicines, supplies, room and board, government fees, medical referrals, unforeseen contingencies, and incidentals.

Team members are also responsible for the cost and purchase of their own airfare. Depending on the airline and time of purchase, tickets have ranged from $600-$1,000. While the mission fund covers the room and board at the mission site, team members are expected to cover the cost of their dinner each night and the cost of the hotel for the last two nights ($48.00 per person, double occupancy or $96.00 for a private room).

The team will stay at the Hotel Mecure in the old colonial portion of the capital city of Santo Domingo and commute by bus to the clinic site each day, Monday through Friday. Past clinics have averaged 600 patients per week.

Team members are required to attend a medical packing mission at St. Paul’s, Foley, Saturday, February 6, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Lunch and soft drinks will be provided.

Questions may be referred to Gloria DeBerry, co-team leader. Reach her at (850) 244-2940 (home) or (850) 642-0756 (cell). Email:

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