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2023 Diocesan Acolyte Festival

The 2023 Diocesan Acolyte Festival was held and hosted by Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile, Alabama, on Saturday, August 19.

We had a terrific turnout of 20 adult and 33 youth acolytes representing 10 churches from across the diocese.

The acolyte festival offered participants the opportunity to delve deep into the liturgical arts by attending a selection of workshops:

  • Processions with the Rev. Brent Norris - This workshop discussed and practiced the protocols for lining up a liturgical procession.

  • Table Talk - Instructed Eucharist with the Rev. Lydia Johnson - This workshop went through the step-by-step preparation of the altar and Eucharistic prayer to gain an understanding of what is happening throughout this part of the Holy Eucharist service.

  • Holy Smoke with the Rev. John Talbert and Lee Dorsey - This hands-on workshop explored the handling of flames during a service through candlelighters and thuribles. Acolytes reviewed equipment and discussed techniques and safety protocols for the use of incense and fire in a worship setting.

  • Spirit of the Acolyte with the Rev. Forbes Sirmon and John Lee - This workshop explored the MORE THAN to being an acolyte. More than "duties performed," there is the Spirit of the Acolyte - the experience of God's Spirit infusing us with joy, reverence, and loving service.

Attendees were treated to the Bishop's Acolyte Olympics which infused fun into the day and reenforced skills learned during the workshops.

The day culminated in a beautiful Festival Eucharist where all of the acolytes processed in their vestments. The service recording is available HERE.

There is a photo album on our Facebook page filled with images of the day. You can view the album HERE.


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