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Bishop Russell reflects on Romans 8:9-10:4

BISHOP RUSSELL REFLECTS ON ROMANS 8:9-10:4, for the fourth week's readings for the Good Book Club, January 28-February 2.

"For me, I rest in the hope that nothing, not even my own lack of faith can separate me from God's love for me and for you and for the entire world. That it is God's faith and belief in us that raised Jesus from the dead and it is God's faith that has a hold of me eternally and absolutely. I ask you this question, on what does your faith rest? What piece of scripture, maybe it's a song, a tradition, a poem? Think about what it is, if everything else was stripped away, what is it that you stand on that helped you in those times when you're not so sure."

To view each of Bishop Russell's reflections for the Good Book Club, visit

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